The Art of Silence

Become a part of The 4 Years of Intention by joining me in..

The Art of Silence - A Listening Retreat

Listen. Play. Love. Empower.


When were you last silent? When did you last choose to just purely listen to your body, the moment you’re in or simply enjoy silence? To listen is to focus our attention on feeling, to notice and accept noise and allow presence to wash over us. When this happens we can access greater states of health and creativity but also develop our intuition - our visceral wisdom.

About intention

“This isn’t any old retreat - This is your novel retreat.”

This is a bespoke silent retreat unlike any other. The natural zen like nature of this mountain retreat will enable you to deepen your connection with yourself on fundamental level. This is the perfect space for you to nourish your soul, sleep deeply, move freely and develop a loving and empowering relationship with yourself. 

For the last 10 years, my career as a personal trainer, yoga & meditation teacher, massage therapist and poet has enabled me to cultivate all the necessary tools, so that you can have them at your disposal during your silent stay.

About intention

“This Listening retreat isn’t about hiding or escaping. This is a safe, inspiring & peaceful space for you to sit with yourself, away from distractions so that you can be free to see and feel clearly”

Nestled in the Piedmontese mountain range of Northern Italy, this cosy hide-away is a rustic Shangri-la, set in a 400 year old mountainside village*, just 30 minutes from the northern city of Biella (1hour north of Milan & Turin Airport.) 


Deposit is 30%

What do you have the choice of during your Listening Retreat:

  • Meditation classes
  • Yin & Restorative Yoga classes
  • Poetry & Creative Writing workshops 
  • Massage therapy 
  • Personal training sessions 
  • Intention Coaching
  • Nutritious & wholesome Italian meals
  • Sightseeing excursions (see below)
  • Sauna with optional music
  • The heart of nature
  • Peaceful and quiets spaces that moves at your pace.
  • Wild swimming

Not Included:

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance 
  • Airport transfer 
  • Meals outside of the retreat 
  • Entrance fees for any museums, etc.


All levels of fitness, flexibility & meditation are welcome. A consistent meditation and movement practice (of any sort) are recommended so that a deepening of these connections with your mental and physical health can be developed. But if you are starting ‘from scratch’, that’s also ok as you’ll have a blank canvas in which to create a new state of health for yourself. This is an Intention retreat, so it’s designed to enable your peace, creativity & health to flourish. 

Do you want to ‘learn’ or ‘be told’? Do you want to be more expressive and creative? Do you want to learn how to comfort and care yourself? Do you want to strengthen who you want be?

I am taking a year long vow of silence to study and explore the act of ‘Listening’. I am using this challenge as an opportunity to fundraise for The Creative Mental Health Charity - PoetsIn. This retreat is going to be unlike any other because you will become a part of this journey through The Art of Silence. 

Picture yourself at complete peace, in a mental state of stillness and clarity. Now imagine yourself looking out at the mystical Italian valley & awe-inspiring mountain ranges of Piemonte. This place is where you can join me for either an immersive three-day or seven-day silent retreat. 

In my experience as a wellbeing profession and Intention Coach, I understand that having the space to choose to be expressive & true to ourselves is vital. This Silent retreat is just that place, and whether you choose to join me for daily meditations, nourishing saunas and invigorating exercise amongst the alpine trees or you simply want to be free to sit in peace and write, there is one condition - silence...

I will be in silence for the entirety of your stay however you will be ceremonially invited into silence shortly after arriving at the retreat. From this point, silence will be maintained for the duration of your stay. Prior to departing from the tranquil homestay, you will be invited to break your silence and have time to share your experience.

This is an intentionally intimate retreat. In order for me to provide the most optimal service as your host, your personal trainer, yoga teacher or massage therapist, your safety must be paramount. It’s for this reason that I will only be hosting for 1-2 people at a time. Either 2 individuals (each with their own separate bedroom) or 1 couple. This will also enable you to have a far more specific & bespoke experience. 

Upon inquiring, you and I will have the opportunity to map out your unique Listening Retreat experience & food plan so that your intention for joining me in these magical mountains is optimal for your personal preference. *I will also share with you the location and further details regarding transport, methods of communication (prior, during and after your stay) and other safety measures that will be in place to ensure your utmost comfort. 

This hide-away retreat, the Oasi Zegna region and this beautiful north-western pocket of Italy has so much to offer; from stunning hikes and blissfully refreshing lakes, to gorgeous medieval architecture, Ski resorts and the heartiest Italian food around, no matter what time of the year - your freedom to explore this region is right on your doorstep. 

About intention

“My intention for The Listening Retreat is to provide you with the best canvas possible for you to paint your own expression of who you are, your art. This is The Art of Silence."


This rustic family owned home has been beautifully renovated so that each floor has its own unique view of the stunning landscape that surrounds it. It is composed of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Featuring a wooden balcony, a tiered garden, free WiFi, sauna, washing facilities, a wood burning stove, a snug & writing desk.


Dietary restrictions can catered for and expressed upon “Enquiry” 

Daily Programme

My Intention is to enable as much choice and input as you like so that you can have an optimal Listening Retreat experience...

Now that you know what is available for you, what do you want your day to look like?

What time do you want to wake up?

Do you want to fast, feast or discover which foods are best for you?

Do you want to go out sight-seeing & explore the mountains or just nestle down nearer the stove?

Do you want to learn The Intention Structure and this simple approach to wellbeing?

Do you want paint, write or dance?

Do you want to give your body love and receive massages?

Do you want to learn simple ways to meditate?

Do you want your stay to be a silent exercise boot-camp?