121 coaching package

121 coaching session

2 x 60 minute session per week

Through these Intention sessions you will learn to know yourself inside-out.

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Per month

Key points:

  • Maximise your health, creativity and productivity
  • Learn The Intention Approach 
  • Two 60 minute sessions via Zoom weekly
  • Professional personal training guidance 
  • Learn to meditate 
  • Learn how to let go of physical and mental tension 
  • Unlimited messages to support you between sessions 
  • 5 Poems bespoke to your personal journey
  • Learn how to use The Intention Wheel, a simple key to help you focus and rebalance
  • Become your own coach


  • Step 1 - Reboot Your Intentions:

The intention approach always starts and ends with intentions. Without it we are blindly reaching for our dreams. You’ll learn how to structure your life in the most stress free way using a method called the Inside Out Structure. This is an extremely enlightening process, where you will learn about the four principles of intention. This step will equip you with a way to simplify wellbeing so you can develop your physical and mental health whilst growing your business and strengthening your relationships. You’ll discover areas of your life that have been holding you back and discover how to manage and prevent these tensions so that your can effortlessly tick off your “to do” lists, knowing that you are living balanced and optimally for both your health and your business.

  • Step 2 - The Perfect Body:

Step two is about you learning how to develop your physical body in the simplest and most sustainable way possible. We’ll create an effective strategy using the Inside Out Structure so that you feel and look the way you want in your own body. I will share with you effective ways to take care of and energise your body incorporating yoga, exercise and other effective techniques. Through this process you will deepen your understanding of how to listen to your body and release physical tension so that you know how to manage any niggling injuries that are distracting you from growing!

  • Step 3 - The Optimal Environment:

It’s not enough to change your body and your business if you want to live a balanced life of health, creativity and productivity. You’re environment needs to be ideal for you to function in the most optimal and effective way. This also includes the people you choose to share your life with... In this step, again using The Inside Out Structure, we’ll methodically look at how you want your living environment and relationships to look and feel and expose the things that are holding you back from creating that perfect space to function in, so that your dream lifestyle can become a reality.

  • Step 4 - Living Your Dream Business:

At this stage you will have a bespoke way to approach your life that will enable you to develop your own physical health and your surrounding environment. You will now know how to strengthen your body and have created the necessary changes in your living environment so that you have solid foundations for your business to flourish - no more distractions... Just creative, effortless growth. With more energy and motivation than ever before, in this step we’ll create a step by step approach so that your can wake up every morning excited, knowing that your are living your dream business.

  • Step 5 - Full Circle:

You’ve made it! You now have very clear, personal and effective methods of overcoming any distractions, stressors or hindrances so that you feel your most productive & efficient. This final step is called Full Circle because you will have a truly holistic and totally balanced lifestyle. You’re business will be running at it’s peak, in a way that is sustainable and continues to feel powerful. As you sit down for meals with your loved ones, your success will be celebrated, leaving you feeling supported. In this final step you will also receive The Intention Wheel- a digital interactive tool that you can access on your smart device, that integrates all that you have learnt over the course of the coaching package. This wellbeing tool will help you guide yourself back to a place of intention, the space of creativity, productivity and health so that you beyond the support and guidance received during The Intention Approach coaching package.

  • On completion of The Intention coaching programme you will receive:

- Access to the online Intention community. A private online group of other entrepreneurs who will inspire you and be inspired by you.

- Continued Intention support

- Access to further intention products and resources.


Per month