About intention

Intention was the missing ingredient from any fitness programme, until now. If you want to live a life full of purpose and clarity Intention can guide you inward so you can overcome limitations, whilst honouring your truth. You deserve to feel empowered just as all beings have the right to a life of lasting health. This is Intention’s ability - Its purpose.


Are you imperfectly perfect or perfectly imperfect?


The closer you listen, the broader the vision, the deeper the wisdom.


Strength without power feels like walking against rush hour.


I love me, so that I can love thee - Truly.

Sean Houlihan



I utilise any & all of my abilities to work closely and compassionately with every client. I’ve worked my way up through teaching exercise classes at local village halls and small town fitness studios, building my tool set to the point that enables me to now work globally, travelling on private jets to deliver massage on super yachts, teaching yoga to diplomats, coaching CEO’s in their homes and training celebrities alike - all with the highest degree of professional integrity and grounded intentions.

I am passionately involved in developing effective corporate wellbeing packages that allow the staff to feel nurtured, heard and become more focused. It’s my intention to help them step into greater mindfulness so they can sustain a healthy work-life balance.

I coach like no other. My objectivity in the process allows me to be precise in my insights and observations. Whether you are on the receiving end of one of my tailored workouts, yoga classes, or an ear to one of my poems, the intention is very clear. My lived experience has been eclectic and this exposure to many walks in life has taught me to listen, letting me access a deeper embodiment and closer connections to all my clients, friends - to all my community.



"My sessions with Sean Houlihan left me feeling relaxed, refreshed and re-energised. He’s quite remarkable".

Anthony Horowitz



For too long have we determined our wellbeing by the ever-changing standards of the health industry. Live your truth, train with intelligence, move with intent.


Remote Motivation

Most accessible

  • Consisting of 10 x 45 minute sessions across 10 weeks
  • You have 100% of my undivided attention and openness.
  • We will discuss the intentions behind your current wellbeing regime via phone or online video call.
  • Dive head first into the limiting beliefs and physical boundaries that are holding you back from feeling healthy.
  • Each week you will be gifted a poem, which we will break down and use it as an intention tool to be applied throughout that week to ensure you stay focused and confident.
  • 24 hour communication access.
  • Initial conversation is free prior to commencing the 10 week course.


Intention Development

Corporate Workshops

  • Most effective impact for companies & corporate establishments.
  • Consisting of a 3 hour interactive Intention workshop where we look at various tools that can enhance the participants self-awareness and learn fundamental tools for self-care in (and out of) the work place.
  • The reason for this workshop is to help employees and all participants to be able to become solid and clear in themselves by teaching them the importance of Intention setting.
  • All workshops are clearly delivered, specific to your needs and improve performance within any context, conference or corporation.
  • Brief and structure will be discussed during the initial consultations.
  • The Intention workshop encourages active participation in order for all to maximise the absorption on knowledge shared.
  • This is an effective corporate wellbeing package that allows your staff to feel nurtured, heard and become more focused.
  • Free consultation prior to the Intention Development workshop.

*Non-inclusive of travel outside of London or Gym access fees.