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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who is still searching for a way to apply your energy into your physical health, whilst balancing your social life and your business?

I have good news- I help clients successfully do just that! I will share with you how you can live a life of sustainable health so that you can boost your confidence and allow your business to skyrocket.


Sean Houlihan



I utilise any and all of my abilities to work closely and compassionately with every client. Working my way up, teaching exercise classes at local village halls, through small town fitness studios, to building my tool set to the point that enables me to now work globally, travelling on private jets to deliver massage on super yachts, teaching yoga to diplomats, coaching CEO’s in their homes and training celebrities alike - all with the highest degree of professional integrity and grounded intentions.

I am not a life coach, I am not just a personal trainer, yoga instructor or massage therapist - I am The Intention Coach and my mission is to simplify wellbeing. We are all capable of living a life that enables us to stay motivated, creative, productive and healthy all at once, everyday. 

The truth is, we can coach ourselves. We don’t need to keep spending time and energy to only further support the idea that we need someone or something else outside of us, to parent us into loving and enjoying our body and mind. We just need a structure, a mindset and a purpose to keep us balanced and empowered. This is what, how and why I teach - The Intention Approach and The Intention Structure. 

My objectivity in my online coaching process allows me to be precise in my insights and observations. Whether you are on the receiving end of one of my tailored workouts, yoga classes, or an ear to one of my poems, the intention is very clear. My lived experience has been eclectic and this exposure to many walks in life has taught me to listen, letting me access a deeper embodiment and closer connections to all my clients, friends - to all my community.



"My sessions with Sean Houlihan left me feeling relaxed, refreshed and re-energised. He’s quite remarkable".

Anthony Horowitz



For too long have we determined our wellbeing by the ever-changing standards of the health industry. Live your truth, train with intelligence, move with intent.

Coaching session

1 off coaching Session

60 minute session

  • Maximise your health, creativity and productivity
  • Learn The Intention Structure  
  • Upgrade your mindset
  • Cultivate motivation & direction to your day
  • Learn how to hold yourself accountable 
  • Developed your mental, physical and emotional health. 


Normally £79

Coaching package

121 coaching package

2 x 60 minute session per week

  • Maximise your health, creativity and productivity
  • Learn The Intention Approach 
  • Two 60 minute sessions via Zoom
  • Professional personal training guidance 
  • Learn to meditate 
  • Learn how to let go of physical and mental tension 
  • Unlimited messages to support you between sessions 
  • 5 Poems bespoke to your personal journey
  • Learn how to use The Intention Wheel, a simple key to help you focus and rebalance
  • Become your own coach


Per month